Wesley Morrison, owner of Flavor You Can Savor, has been changing the lifestyle of clients for over five years now through his unique and customized personal chef services. Growing up in the small town of Manchester, Ohio, Wesley realized that he had a very strong passion for cooking.  After leaving everyone who tasted his food with a mouth-watering experience he decided to pursue his dream of culinary success by moving to Louisville, Kentucky and attending Sullivan University for Professional Catering, Personal, and Private Chef Training. After graduating from Sullivan University with only one client, Wesley opened up his small business. Word spread quickly; and before long, Flavor You Can Savor had expanded into a multi-clientele business. Instead of opening the restaurant his friends and family encouraged him to open for years, Wesley, a longtime passionate cook was searching for a way to indulge his passion for cooking and combine it with a way to actually touch people one on one. He found the right recipe– becoming a Personal Chef. Wesley Morrsion, current resident of Louisville, Kentucky, provides time-challenged, hungry clients with delicious and healthy dinners that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their own home during any time of the day or night.  In addition, Wesley is best known for working with specific dietary needs and helping people live much healthier lives.  He also hosts parties including special events with personally created menus which result in leaving both the guests and hosts extremely satisfied and free of any stress or worry.

Wesley is also very active in his community by helping educate people on how to make better food choices and utilize fresh, local foods.   Wesley is a member and participant in Chefs Move to Schools, American Culinary Federation, United States Personal Chef Association, (distinguished chef of) Body Shapes Medical and Lamkin Wealth Management, local farmer’s markets, and local TV stations.

In his time away from the kitchen, Wesley enjoys visiting with his family back home in Ohio and traveling with friends.